Will a cryptocurrency crash affect GPU pricing and availability?

video card on a dollar bill and some crypto coins

If you have been following cryptocurrency news, you will have heard of the price collapses of several major currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This drop in value has led to many miners selling their equipment – mainly GPUs – as the operational cost no longer makes sense given the cryptocurrency’s drop in price. Does this news mean that there will be an abundance of GPUs in the market? Can we now purchase GPUs at our favorite retail stores at or near MSRP? Let’s examine the impact of the recent event…

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Firefox 102 settles on Linux with geolocation and PDF viewer upgrade, but will users care?

Sleeping fox

It may take more than the new features in version 102 to restore Chrome defectors to Firefox. Firefox 102 was recently launched by the Mozilla Foundation. One of the major changes for Linux is the addition of GeoClue geolocation support, as well as a new PDF viewer. Firefox 102 Linux improvements The main improvements of Firefox 102 for Linux are its support for the GeoClue service. GeoClue is a Linux-specific D-bus messaging service that allows programs running on the same machine to communicate with each other. GeoClue is a service…

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Save up to $450 on Fire TVs

Amazon Fire TV Prime Day Deals

Who’s ready for some huge Fire TV deals? Before Prime Day, Amazon is pushing some great early deals. There’s no better time than Prime Day to get a new Fire TV this summer. And guess what we have up our sleeve? This is correct! Fire TV deals pop up ahead of Amazon Prime Day! This means that you will save hundreds of dollars and get a great new TV, you can watch all your favorites this summer! Smart TVs With Built-in Fire TV Deals You’ll Want Now! As mentioned, we…

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Which one gives you the best movies and shows

Disney+ vs Netflix

Netflix and Disney+ are two of the most popular streaming services available, and both platforms offer a great selection of movies and TV shows. To see who will win the battle of Netflix vs. Disney+, we’ll compare the two in terms of price, user interface, content, and special features to determine which offers the best value for your money. Netflix Overview: What to Expect? Netflix He is the broadcasting giant who has spent years at the top, brushing other players away. It has a simple user interface that focuses on…

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Your iPhone has a hidden list of everywhere you hang out

iPhone map showing pinpoints

You may or may not know, but your iPhone secretly keeps a list of all the websites you visit frequently. This feature is called important sites. While some iPhone users think it’s useful, others see it as a security risk. We decided to dig deeper and find out how important sites work and whether this feature is something you should worry about Make a video today What is the Significant Locations feature in iOS? Important Locations is a feature on iPhones that keeps a record of all the places you…

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How to Install and Move Android Apps to SD Card

Daniel Gidzora / Shutterstock.com Some Android phones don’t have much storage space, so your apps might run out of space. If your device has an SD card slot, you can use it to expand storage and make more space for apps. However, SD card support is more limited than it used to be. What you need to know Android apps are installed on your device’s internal storage by default. If you have micro sd card, you can move some of the currently installed apps to a microSD card. However, not…

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6 things to do to maximize your productivity tools

A hand holding an iPhone.

Even though productivity apps are designed to enable you to work more efficiently, sometimes they seem to do the opposite. This is because it is one thing to have exceptional productivity tools at your disposal. But using them in a way that makes you more productive is another thing. It all comes down to how you use it. This article covers tips to help you maximize your productivity tools. Make a video today The first step to using your productivity tools more effectively is realizing that they can’t do much…

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Restricted 5G networks: 10-year renewable license, no permit fee

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has released a set of guidelines for the deployment of restricted private 5G networks, along with new guidelines to facilitate spectrum leasing for the first time in India. This was done with the aim of facilitating the use of 5G airwaves to develop use cases such as machine-to-machine communication, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. Restricted Non-Public Networks (CNPN) standards require companies wishing to obtain spectrum directly from the government to obtain a 10-year renewable license, for which the government will not charge any license…

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How to use Eye Dropper Chrome Extension to get any hex value

Paint rollers rolling down the wall with different colours

If you are looking for different hex color values, Eye Dropper has a Google Chrome extension that will help you. When you visit a website, you may have come across certain colors that you really like. However, you’ll need either an RGB, HSL, or hexadecimal code to find out the exact color if you want to use it yourself. Fortunately, Google Chrome has different extensions to do this. One of them is the Eye Dropper tool, which you can add to your Chrome browser and start using it right away.…

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How to check the motherboard model number on a Windows PC

Whether you need to update drivers, check hardware compatibility, or are just concerned, it’s easier to check your motherboard’s model number with these simple tricks than opening your case to check the board itself. Here’s how to check your motherboard’s model number from your ergonomic keyboard. Why do I want to do this? Knowing your motherboard’s model number is important if you’re considering upgrading your drivers, buying new hardware (you’ll need the appropriate expansion or memory slots, for example), or just checking your motherboard’s capabilities if you’re considering upgrading a…

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