Meet Eyva, the non-invasive glucometer from Hyderabad

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“We wanted to build a product that people would love to have, not out of fear,” said Sunil Madikatla, CEO and founder of Hyderabad-based BlueSemi, being very clear about why he ended up creating the completely non-invasive glucose monitor. Eyva takes a different approach to tracking users’ blood glucose levels and measuring levels in the blood through the skin. This means that diabetics do not need to prick themselves for a fingerstick blood test. “When we thought of the Eyva and the product itself, we always envisioned it being a…

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The craziest technology announced this year so far

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CES is the world’s largest global technology fair and also the place where the most unusual technological innovations are revealed. Despite the issues with Covid, CES 2022 was no different, and with Day One behind us now, here are some of the craziest tech we’ve seen at the event this year. BMW iX Flow – Color Changing Car The color changing car was something that was inspired by a spy movie until last year. However, BMW’s new iX Flow does just that. The car is able to completely change its…

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CES 2022 media day highlights: Everything we saw, from the Galaxy S21 FE to Alienware’s Nyx concept

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Although the world’s largest tech fair won’t officially open until Tuesday, the 2022 CES media day was filled with announcements. Several major companies, including Samsung and Dell, have announced their latest products and services. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S21 FE after a long delay, Alienware debuted its Concept Nyx game streaming server, and used OnePlus CES 2022 to reveal its latest flagship, the OnePlus 10 Pro. This year’s CES officially starts from January 5-7. Here’s a summary of all the highlights from Monday at CES 2022. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE…

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CES 2022: What to expect from this year’s biggest tech show in the world

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CES 2022 is upon us, but the world’s largest tech show will be a little different this year due to the increased cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 in the United States and other parts of the world. Although CES hasn’t been canceled, this year’s event will actually continue in Las Vegas. Although Google, Intel, Lenovo, Amazon, and other tech big names will not attend CES 2022 due to health concerns, the show will continue. This year’s conference is expected to be a venue for next generation processors, innovative…

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