Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake chips announced for thin and light laptops

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Intel released the first wave of the 12th generation Alder Lake chipset. The series was announced at CES 2022 but the H series was officially announced at that time. Now, the company has announced the rest of the teh series which includes P series and U-series. The new chipsets aim to power affordable thin and lightweight laptops in 2022. A total of 20 chipsets have been announced under the P series, U series (15W) and U series (9W). The first laptops with the new Intel chipsets are scheduled to arrive…

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All the most exciting laptops we saw at CES 2022

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Originally scheduled to be a personal event, CES 2022 had to change gears at the last minute to adapt to Omicron’s rapidly changing situation. With a lot of big names like Meta, Google, and Amazon pulling out, the majority of what’s been revealed this year have been digital and based on set specifications. With that in mind, Intel and AMD have announced their latest processors, bringing more raw power and flexibility to the latest laptop manufacturers. Here are the most exciting. Asus Rog Zephyr Duo 16 the Zephyr Duo 16…

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Meet Eyva, the non-invasive glucometer from Hyderabad

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“We wanted to build a product that people would love to have, not out of fear,” said Sunil Madikatla, CEO and founder of Hyderabad-based BlueSemi, being very clear about why he ended up creating the completely non-invasive glucose monitor. Eyva takes a different approach to tracking users’ blood glucose levels and measuring levels in the blood through the skin. This means that diabetics do not need to prick themselves for a fingerstick blood test. “When we thought of the Eyva and the product itself, we always envisioned it being a…

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Samsung at CES 2022: New Micro LED TVs and Monitors and New QLEDs Announced

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Samsung announced new models of Micro LED TVs at CES 2022. The Micro LED range will now be available in three different sizes, 89, 101 and 110 inches with a 99.99 percent body-to-screen ratio. Samsung claims that these new Micro LED TVs have 100 percent DCI support and Adobe RGB color gamut. The TVs will also have some customizable features with three modes to choose from such as Art mode, Multiview and come with Dolby Atmos support. The 2022 NEO QLED series was also shown. These TVs feature a Neo…

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CES 2022: Acer announces additions to its Swift X lineup, new gaming laptops

Acer unveiled a bunch of new gaming laptops at CES 2022. A new batch of highly portable Swift X, it has announced new gaming laptops with the latest hardware. Acer Swift X The Swift X models come in 14″ and 16″ dimensions, enclosed in a slim, durable chassis with a 16:10 aspect ratio screen. Both are powered by the latest Intel 12 processors and come with Windows 11 out of the box. The 14-inch model is paired with an RTX 3050Ti laptop GPU and features a 2240 x 1400 IPS…

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CES 2022: Acer announces new Predator Orion desktop PCs, monitoring suite

Acer Predator Orion 3000

Acer announced new additions to boost its gaming portfolio at CES 2022. The company has a new line of Predator Orion desktops and gaming monitors, the X32 series and a 48-inch OLED display. Acer Predator Aurion 5000 and 3000 Both Orion desktop towers are powered by the latest 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and come enclosed in a bold new chassis with dark glass, plastic, metal, and an air intake grille. The Orion 5000, a full-size gaming desktop, features an integrated Intel H670 chipset, along with an RTX 3080…

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The craziest technology announced this year so far

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CES is the world’s largest global technology fair and also the place where the most unusual technological innovations are revealed. Despite the issues with Covid, CES 2022 was no different, and with Day One behind us now, here are some of the craziest tech we’ve seen at the event this year. BMW iX Flow – Color Changing Car The color changing car was something that was inspired by a spy movie until last year. However, BMW’s new iX Flow does just that. The car is able to completely change its…

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CES 2022: LG announces new G2, C2 OLED TVs and Mini-LED QNED TVs

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LG announced a new range of OLED TVs at CES 2022. The new G2 OLED and C2 models are part of the company’s 2022 OLED TV lineup. The LG G2 OLED TV model will be available in a 97-inch and 83-inch OLED option. The G2 series already has 55, 65 and 77 inches. The LG C2 OLED TV model will also be available in a new 42-inch model, making it the smallest OLED TV. Both the G and C series get a design upgrade with thinner bezels than the older…

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CES 2022: Google is pushing Android toward more multi-device experiences, even with Windows

Google has announced a series of features to help Android devices talk to each other smoothly and for the first time ever with select devices running the Windows operating system. Shown at CES 2022, these features will be rolled out throughout the year, some in partnership with other companies. Here’s a look at the key Google ads from CES 2022 Android and Windows PC Later this year, Google plans to bring Fast Pair on Android phones to Windows PCs. This will help set up Bluetooth accessories, sync text messages, and…

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