Bill Gates: Technological innovation can help end hunger

Bill Gates says the global hunger crisis is so massive that food aid cannot fully address the problem. What’s also needed, Gates argues, are the kinds of innovations in farming technology he has long funded to try to reverse the crisis documented in a report released by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Tuesday. Gates, in particular, points to a breakthrough he calls “magic seeds,” crops engineered to adapt to climate change and resist agricultural pests. The Gates Foundation on Tuesday also released a map showing how climate change…

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Heat, no food, deadly weather: Climate change is killing seabirds

Atlantic puffin

Global warming is taking a heavy toll on seabirds who are suffering from declining numbers due to starvation, inability to reproduce, heat waves and extreme weather. Climate-related losses have hit albatrosses off the Hawaiian Islands, northern gannets near the British Isles, and puffins off the coast of Maine. Researchers have found that some birds are less able to build nests and raise their young as sea levels rise, while others are unable to find fish to eat as the ocean warms. Moors and occult cassines that live off the west…

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