Europe’s plan for floating gas stations raises climate concerns

As winter approaches, European countries, desperate to replace the natural gas they once bought from Russia, have embraced a short-term fix: a chain of about 20 floating terminals that receive LNG from other countries and convert it into heating fuel. However, the plan, with the first floating terminals set to transport natural gas by the end of the year, has raised concerns among scientists who fear the long-term consequences for the environment. They warn that these plants will perpetuate Europe’s dependence on natural gas, which releases methane and carbon dioxide…

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Polar bears eat reindeer: natural behavior or the result of climate change?

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Recently, scientists in Hornsund, Svalbard – a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean – watched a polar bear pursue a reindeer at sea before killing it, dragging it ashore and eating it. The captured video was widely shared on news and social media platforms. Then, two days later, they saw the same bear next to a second reindeer being killed. Their notes are First detailed account For a complete and successful hunting of the polar bear, the Svalbard reindeer. but they follow 13 previous reports of polar bears feeding and…

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Australia announces La Niña for the second year in a row

Heavy rain forces parts of Sydney to evacuate, downpour to continue

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology said today, Tuesday, that a weather phenomenon La Niña has developed in the Pacific Ocean for the second year in a row, which could lead to above-average rain across the center, north and east of the country. La Niña is usually associated with more precipitation, more tropical cyclones, and cooler than average temperatures in the tropical Pacific. Weather event could boost wheat yields in Australia. In September, the country raised its forecast for wheat for the season by 17 percent to nearly record levels, citing…

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Obama seems to be confusing countries by calling Scotland the ‘Emerald Isles’

Social media users were left baffled after former President Barack Obama referred to Scotland as the “Emerald Isles” in a speech on Monday. Obama made a gaffe at the UN COP26 summit in Glasgow, leading many to conclude that he confused Scotland with Ireland – often called the Emerald Isle. The term British Isles refers to the island’s composition that includes Ireland and the United Kingdom. “Since we are here in the Emerald Isles, let me quote William Shakespeare as cool,” Obama said in comments on climate change. Obama, quoting…

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Senator John Barrasso demands travel details to the White House for the Climate Summit

A senior Republican senator on Monday asked the Biden administration to provide a full account of the financial and environmental cost of the president’s travel to the United Nations Climate Change Summit (COP26) underway in Glasgow, Scotland — as well as explaining why officials were unable to make the decision. Part of the assembly by default. Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo), distinguished member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Shoot eight letters To the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, Interior, Transportation, and the Treasury, as well as to leaders of…

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Climate solutions that can reduce emissions in the long run

WASHINGTON — From replicating the process that fuels the sun to harnessing the scorching temperatures beneath our feet, scientists, companies, and venture capitalists are betting on high-tech ways to power the planet without emitting greenhouse gases. These “moon launch” technologies are likely to be a topic of discussion when delegates meet at the UN climate talks in Scotland, which begin on Sunday, to find out how to speed up the shift away from fossil fuels. While traditional clean energy sources such as solar and wind are expected to play a…

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