How did Victorian sexism affect Darwin’s theories: new research


Sex is a biologically expensive business. Finding a suitable mate takes time and energy. Offspring is also a huge investment of resources. But sex offers a rewarding possibility: children are fitter than their parents thanks to new and “better” combinations of genes. Darwin realized that many animal species choose their mates carefully. However, there is an innate biological variance. The eggs are relatively few in number – a big and expensive investment – while the sperm are small and abundant. And fetuses often need more investment in or out of…

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Meet C.youngorum, the giant ichthyosaur that ruled the oceans 250 million years ago

Cymbospondylus youngorum

A team of paleobiologists from Germany and the USA has discovered a fossil from the Middle Triassic period of an ichthyosaur (Cymbospondylus Youngorum) from Favret Canyon in Nevada, USA. The animal was 18 meters long and its skull alone was more than 2 meters long. This discovery is significant because it shows that the ichthyosaur developed gigantism very early in its evolutionary history. The ichthyosaur was the largest quadruped of its time, both on land and at sea. To put this in perspective, whales (whales), which appeared in Cenozoic around…

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Critics hope Andrew Cuomo’s Empire Station complex will be scrapped

opponents of the previous government. Cuomo’s extravagant plan to build 10 skyscrapers around Penn Station hopefully the stars will align with it. Cuomo was charged Thursday with molesting a former aide in the Executive Palace in Albany – a crime that could lead to a year in prison if convicted. It would likely be another blow to his multi-billion dollar Empire Station complex — Manhattan’s largest land-use proposal, which many people in the downtown area didn’t know about until last spring. The project is reportedly undergoing an “executive review” by…

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De Blasio has been associated with companies operating in the controversial Tower of the Blood Center

Mayor de Blasio has ties to two companies that are the blood center of New York in the controversial tower plan, which has been fiercely opposed by its Upper East Side neighbors and other elected officials. De Blasio’s management pushed the project, with Commissioner of Health Dr. Dave Chukchi testifying in favor of the expansion plan to City Council, which held a marathon public hearing on the project earlier this month. She was also supported by a vice president in the city’s public hospital system. Administration officials, including Deputy Mayor…

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