More than half reject Biden’s handling of Ukraine in new poll

Barely a third of Americans agree with President Biden’s handling of the threat of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to a new poll published days after Vladimir Putin ordered “peacekeeping” forces in two breakaway regions of the former Soviet republic. The Gallup Survey It found that only 36 percent of Americans supported the president’s response to the “situation with Russia” while 55 percent disagreed. Less than two-thirds of Democrats (64 percent) support Biden’s handling of the issue, while 35 percent of independents support his efforts. Only 11 percent of Republicans…

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Pednomics and the blue state are hurting black workers

More terrible news for New York City: The unemployment rate among blacks remains high at 15.2%, according to the latest data. Even worse, one in five black New Yorkers is either unemployed, involuntarily working part-time, or has given up looking for a job altogether. The direction is bad, too. Unemployment rates declined during the latter half of 2021 for whites, Asians, and Hispanics in the city, but continued to rise for blacks. The bad news is national. The February jobs report showed black US unemployment, at 6.9%, well above the…

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Jobless claims unexpectedly rise to 248K in latest report

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly rose last week, but I stayed in the levels associated with tightening labor market conditions. The Labor Department said Thursday that initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased by 23,000 to a seasonally adjusted 248,000 for the week ending February 12. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast 219,000 orders in the last week. Claims have been declining since hitting a three-month high in mid-January as coronavirus cases, fueled by the Omicron variant, spread across the country. The United States…

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Biden wrongly relied on the press for guidance

President Biden and his administration are in dire need of a “reset.” A year into his disastrous reign, Biden’s team is begging the media for the world’s biggest Mulligan. There’s a problem with that – listening to the news media helped get Biden’s team in trouble in the first place. Journalists promoted far-left politics on every major front, but three issues were key: supporting a “defunding the police,” advocating for COVID-19 restrictions and spinning economic news. Now anti-Biden sentiment is laughably strong. CNN anchor John King had to present the…

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SpaceX rocket hits the moon 7 years after launch

A SpaceX Falcon 9,

SpaceX will reach the moon a little more than a month from now, much earlier than expected. But this is all by accident, and it will cause a little chaos. NASA has chosen SpaceX, the rocket company started by Elon Musk, to provide the spacecraft that will return its astronauts to the moon’s surface. This is still years away Instead, it’s the upper stage of SpaceX’s seven-year-old rocket, weighing 4 tons, that smashes into the moon on March 4, based on recent observations and calculations by amateur astronomers. The impact…

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New eye drops offer an alternative to reading glasses

Eye drops

Eye drops that improve close-up vision could make misplaced reading glasses less bothersome for the many 128 million Americans with age-related near-vision deficits. Vuity, which became available by prescription this month, is a once-a-day treatment that can help users see up close without affecting their long-range vision. “For anyone who doesn’t want to fiddle with reading glasses, this could be a really useful alternative,” said Dr. Scott McCrae, an ophthalmologist at the University of Rochester Center for Visual Sciences. McCray was not involved in the clinical trials of the drug,…

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Hypothesis about rodent hair

Two hair types from a mouse.

Hard on the mouse. In the open air, its enemies lurk on all sides: owls at the top, snakes at the bottom, weasels around the bend. Inside, a mouse might find itself being targeted by a human broom or bored cats. Mice are compensated with acute senses of sight, hearing and smell. But they may have another set of tools that we’ve overlooked. Paper published last week in Royal Society of Open Science Details show similarities between the internal structures of some small mammalian hair and marsupials and those of…

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Australia’s barrier reef erupts as coral reefs emerge

Australia Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is bursting with color as the World Heritage-listed wonder recovers from life-threatening episodes of coral bleaching. Scientists recorded Tuesday night that corals fertilize billions of offspring by shedding sperm and eggs in the Pacific Ocean off the coastal city of Cairns, Queensland. The spawning event lasts for two or three days. A network of 2,500 coral reefs covering 348,000 square kilometers suffered greatly from coral bleaching caused by unusually warm ocean temperatures in 2016, 2017 and last year. The bleaching has destroyed two-thirds of the coral…

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This is the next animal that may become extinct


While scientists were planning an expedition in Mexico this fall to count one of the world’s most endangered animals, a shy porpoise called the vaquita, they feared that there might not be any to find. The most recent survey, in 2019, estimated that there were only about 10 left. At the same time, fishermen in the area have been preparing to set out with the illegal nets that scientists say are driving porpoises to extinction: walls of net that hang below the surface, up to 20 feet deep and stretching…

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Brian Daisy rejects audit that downplayed inflation

The White House’s chief economic adviser declined to scrutinize Sunday that the Biden administration had repeatedly downplayed inflation over the summer — working overtime to promote the president’s agenda to rebuild better. During an express exchange With CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday morning, the director of President Biden’s National Economic Council, Brian Dees, insisted that he and his boss were not wrong in ignoring inflation as a short-term issue. “Do you think you and the president were wrong and that inflation is not short-lived, popping up a bit and then…

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