Nancy Pelosi Gets The Best Of Both Worlds With Her Latest Stock Deal

Hand it to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: She forced her hand on stock trading by members of Congress, turned it into a huge benefit for lawmakers — including, of course. she has. Pelosi timidly called for Congress to be treated like the executive branch when it came to stocks – so the “hard” law of Senators Elizabeth Warren (Democrat of Massachusetts) and Steve Danes (R-Mont) would, yes, compel members and their spouses to sell their individual holdings of stock, but Also Giving them a massive tax break. According to the…

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Google is adding new journeys, actions, and more tools for Chrome users

Google has announced new features for its Chrome browser that can help you easily find information and get things done while navigating the web, the company said in a blog post. Few of these features are available immediately to the public but others are only available in beta. Here are the main features that Google has introduced for its Chrome browser. Trips Chrome’s Journeys feature groups your search history together based on a topic or goal. (Image: Google) With the Trips app launched, you can now easily pick up where…

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Google reveals how to check comments on Maps

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Google explained exactly how reviews are moderated on its map service in a detailed blog post, emphasizing that a lot of “work to prevent inappropriate content is being done behind the scenes”. The blog post explains exactly what happens when a user posts a review of a business such as a local restaurant or store on Maps. It outlines the actions that are taken to ensure that fake and abusive reviews do not rise. In the past, Google has also explained how recommendations work on YouTube. The post was written…

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Google One VPN comes to iOS: Here’s everything you need to know

google one, google one vpn, google one vpn iOS

Google One has started rolling out its own VPN (Virtual Private Network) for iOS users. The service was available for Android users over a year ago, but now, iPhone users can also take advantage of it. Similar to how the service works on Android, iOS users will also need a Google One Premium membership plan to be able to use Google One VPN. For starters, Google One VPN is Google’s own VPN service that the tech giant bundles with Premium Google One subscriptions. Google’s VPN is also certified by the…

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Google Chrome on Android may soon warn users if they want to close all their tabs

Chrome Android close all tabs warning,

Google is testing a new feature for Chrome on Android. The unstable version of Canary now has a confirmation dialog that pops up, asking users if they want to close all of their Chrome tabs. Chrome on Android doesn’t come with startup options like the desktop version, where you can restore tabs or pick up where you left off. Instead, it messes up all your tabs and opens a new window, every time you click on the app. Tabs can be easily closed by accessing the 3-dot menu at the…

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Google Maps Adds Support for Plus Codes in India: Here’s How It Works

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Google announced a new feature for India First on its Maps app where users will be able to count on ‘Plus Codes’ when saving and sharing their home addresses. Google says these are much easier to submit and understand compared to traditional addresses on a map. Plus codes also do not rely on street and locality names to geolocate certain points, and instead use latitude and longitude. The Plus Codes feature was originally rolled out in India in 2018. It has been widely used so far by businesses, NGOs, and…

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Google can’t escape a site privacy lawsuit in Arizona, ruling rules

Google, Google location privacy lawsuit,

An Arizona judge ruled Tuesday that allegations that Alphabet Inc’s Google deceived users with unclear smartphone location-tracking settings should be examined by a jury, declining to dismiss the state attorney general’s lawsuit. Google requested an expedited ruling to dismiss the case against it at an early stage. She argued that the state failed to show that consumer fraud law could apply, and noted that the company’s disclosures about privacy settings have been clarified since the case was filed nearly two years ago. The decision comes a day after attorneys general…

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Google’s Themes API for Chrome will display ads better as it tries to create more “private” browsing

Google Chrome Topics, Google Chrome browser

Google will soon be testing a new Topics API in a developer version of Chrome as it attempts to create a “more private” browsing online. It claims that this new method will help to deliver ads better without negatively affecting the advertising business of other publishers, creators and developers. This step is critical as Google Chrome browser will soon get rid of third-party cookies, a move originally announced in January 2021. This phase-out is supposed to take place by mid-2023 and be completed by the end of the year. In…

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Three US states sue Google over location tracking

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Texas, Indiana, Washington and the District of Columbia sued Alphabet Inc’s Google Inc on Monday over what it called deceptive website tracking practices that violate users’ privacy. “Google has wrongly led consumers to believe that changing their account and device settings would allow customers to protect their privacy and control the personal data the company has access to,” Washington, DC Attorney General Carl Racine said in a statement. However, the statement said that Google “continues to systematically monitor customers and profit from customer data,” describing the practice as a “clear…

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