How researchers monitor biodiversity from afar by ‘listening to the forest’

Researchers have developed a new laissez-faire approach to biodiversity monitoring, using a network of recording devices to record an audio scene of an area. The SAFE (Stability of Changing Forest Ecosystems) acoustics project uses these acoustics and machine learning models to monitor changes in this acoustic landscape over time and get early warnings about the health of different ecosystems. SAFE Acoustics enables researchers to monitor biodiversity at different sites with minimal human interaction. The technology itself is open source, and the researchers provide a step-by-step guide to building audio recording…

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IIT Madras AI tool maps cancer-causing genes

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Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT Madras) have developed an artificial intelligence-based tool, PIVOT, that can predict an individual’s cancer-causing genes. Not only can this early information help prevent cancer, but it can also develop personalized cancer treatment strategies. The prediction of cancer-causing genes is based on a model that uses information on mutations, gene expression, copy number variation in genes as well as disruptions in the biological network due to altered gene expression. The research was led by Professor Raghunathan Ringaswamy, Dean (Global Engagement), IIT Madras,…

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Machine learning, artificial intelligence can help plan future space missions: a scientist from NASA

🗞️ SUBSCRIBE NOW: Get Express Premium to access the best election reporting and analysis 🗞️ She was talking about “Applied Artificial Intelligence for Science and Exploration Enabled through Public-Private Partnerships” which was organized as part of a workshop on “Long Term Study of Solar Activity” during the 40th Meeting of the Astronomical Society of India (ASI)-2022 at IIT- Roorkee on Friday. 2022 marks the year of ASI’s golden jubilee. “AI has become a powerful tool not only for making discoveries but can also help create and plan for future space…

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Bring back lost Indian pets with facial recognition, one dog at a time

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For Mohit Arora, Global Head of Digital Marketing at Pet Nutrition, what’s worse than losing a pet is the lack of proper infrastructure to find and return lost pets to their families. While dogs are synonymous with loyalty and being man’s best friend, a lack of speech is a flaw that causes many pet dogs to disappear each year. While an emergency detail collar is a simple solution, custom collars aren’t very popular just yet. Many dogs also refuse anything more than a simple lightweight collar around their necks. And…

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