Luka Samanic makes an impression on the Knicks in G League reboot

How Spurs castoff Luka Samanic is making an impression in his Knicks G League reboot

Register here Get Inside the Knicks delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning. Croatian striker Luka Samanic made his Westchester Knicks debut last Friday against the capital, which featured all the fantastic possibilities of what he could be. It also provided warning signs of what it might not be. The 6-foot-10, who was originally picked by Spurs in the first round of the 2019 draft, put 17 points in 19 minutes, scoring 7 from 10 shots. .

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It’s easy to forget how important Mitchell Robinson is to the Knicks

It must be impossible to forget. It is 7 feet tall. It weighs 240 lbs. There are stretches – and those extensions get longer the more he plays in the league – where he’s the only dominant force on both ends of the basketball floor. However, it is often easy to forget Mitchell Robinson. When you think of the Knicks, you think of Julius Randle, whose star-studded emergence was the biggest reason – along with the arrival of Tom Thibodeau – that the Knicks emerged from a decades-long stagnation. You’re…

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Nirlance Noel’s formidable defense in Knicks win

Milwaukee – Now that he’s back, center Nerlens Noel had no issues coming off the bench for Mitchell Robinson and expected the Knicks to have a “twin towers” setup. In Game Two of his comeback on Friday, Noel was “exceptional” in Milwaukee on Friday in a 113-98 defeat of the defending champion. Box points don’t always reflect Noel’s defensive value, but he gave them 25 minutes of grit and grinding with six points, 13 rebounds and a plus-22 finish. “That’s it,” Tibodo said. “Maybe we overlook all the other aspects…

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The dissipation of the big threads became in relation to the direction of the Knicks

It only cost them twice, but the Knicks used to waste a huge lead early in the season. They’ve blown double-digit strings in each of their losses — including a 15-point advantage that vanished in Monday’s loss to the Raptors — and have been problematic in some of their wins. “I think sometimes, we just get a little bit complacent,” Kemba Walker said on Tuesday. “We’ve got a lot of leads and we kind of cough them up. We have to be better. By myself, I have to have better…

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Gibson’s crown sprains at the ankle in the Knicks’ loss to the Raptors on Monday

Jericho Sims (right) was forced into action after Taj Gibson (left) sprained his ankle in the first half of the Knicks 113-104 loss to the Raptors Monday.

On another night when Nerlence Noel’s season debut was postponed, the Knicks’ center depth got thinner. Tag Gibson sprained his left ankle in the first half and is no longer in the Knicks’ 113-104 loss to the Raptors Monday night at the park. Coach Tom Tebodeau said after the match that he had not yet felt the severity of Gibson’s injury, but that it was enough to knock him out after playing 10 minutes before halftime. An injury to Gibson forced junior Jericho Sims to run for over five minutes…

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Mitchell Robinson understands the pain of injured Patrick Williams

NEW ORLEANS – Starting center Mitchell Robinson helped the Knicks beat the Bulls with a tough game on Thursday, which included an assist against DeMar DeRozan in the air at the last second. As it turns out, Robinson did a lot of damage. It was revealed on Friday that Robinson’s blatant foul on young Bulls striker Patrick Williams had dislocated his left wrist. Williams, 20, will have surgery that is said to end his regular season. It’s a blow to the Bulls, who have been a force in the Eastern…

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