Gameloft announces Disney Speedstorm: Free Racing Game

Disney Speedstorm, disney free to play racing game,

In a surprise announcement during Last night’s Nintendo Direct eventGameloft has revealed a new racing game based on popular Disney characters. The studio is more commonly known as the Asphalt mobile franchise and is now looking to make its way to console and PC. Disney Speedstorm is a kart racer game that goes along the same lines as Mario Kart, where you play as characters from different Disney and Pixar properties Movies, cartoons and shows. Players can control various heroes and drop them on virtual paths that resemble locations from…

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Chris Evans stars as Buzz Lightyear in ‘Toy Story’ trailer

Looks like “Lightyear” is going to be out of this world. Pixar has First teaser trailer released In the highly anticipated spin-off of “Toy Story,” Chris Evans (“The Avengers,” “Captain America”) has given voice to title character Buzz Lightyear and is set to hit theaters next summer. The animated film tells the original story of the “real” space ranger, whose daring adventures inspired the action character – famously voiced by Tim Allen and owned by a child named Andy in the original Toy Story films. “Light Year” directed by Angus…

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