Cassie sets a Guinness World Record for a bipedal robot at a speed of 100 metres

Cassie, a robot designed at Oregon State University (OSU) and built by Agility Robotics, has set the Guinness World Record for fastest 100-meter sprint with a bipedal robot. Cassie did this by cutting the distance in 24.73 seconds. Interestingly enough, the robot does not have external cameras or sensors. Cassie has her knees that bend like an ostrich and has been developed by students and researchers from a wide range of backgrounds including mechanical engineering, robotics and computer science. It uses machine learning to control its gait on outdoor terrain.…

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Researchers are trying to teach a robot how to laugh to improve human-robot conversations

Researchers at Kyoto University are trying to teach a robot how to laugh. Researchers have developed an approach to building the “sense of humor” of the Japanese Android Erica, which is described in a research article published in Frontiers in Robotics and AI. Robots can’t detect laughter or even laughter at a joke, but instead, researchers want to recreate the nuances of human humor for an AI system so it can improve how natural conversations take place between robots and people. “We believe that one of the important functions of…

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Elon Musk promises a “custom robot” with a futuristic look from Tesla

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CEO Elon Musk said Thursday that electric car maker Tesla will make a “customized” self-driving taxi that “looks futuristic,” without specifying a time frame. The 50-year-old billionaire, who wore a black cowboy hat and sunglasses, made the comments at the opening of Tesla’s $1.1 billion plant in Texas, where its new headquarters is located. “Broad scale. Fully autonomous driving. There will be dedicated robotics,” Musk told a large crowd at the factory. Musk has missed his goals several times with full autonomy. In 2019, he said that robotic taxis without…

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Video: Watch this humanoid robot make facial expressions

Ameca robot

Engineered Arts, the UK-based manufacturer of human entertainment robots, recently posted a video of one of its new creations. The robot named Ameca can be seen making various facial expressions including surprise, confusion and amusement. The company said Ameca is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot and represents the forefront of robotic technology. “Amika is the ideal robot platform for human-robot interaction,” she said, adding that “Amica is the ideal platform for developing interaction between us humans and any metaphysical or digital world.” But Ameca is different from Boston Dynamics’…

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