Where Freddy Freeman and Carlos Correa could land

We are closer to Major League Baseball. This sentence does not contain much insight. The League and Players Association will negotiate a settlement in the coming days and the season will start on time on March 31, or the opening day will not be pushed back to mid-April or early May, or… Unless the league is dissolved, every second brings us closer to the return of the sport. And I may not have much faith in the negotiators, but I doubt this will lead to a breakup. Well, I’m sure…

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Choosing Odell Beckham Jr will help shape the legacy of the NFL

What matters most to Odell Beckham Jr.?

Register here To get beyond the back page delivered to your inbox every morning of the week. Odell Beckham Jr. has been released. by the Browns, and he is now looking for a new home in the NFL. Soon after two teams were ruled out from his days as a giant, his mystery remains all too familiar: a bewildering talent, a complex player. Giants and Browns discovered the matter firsthand, and then moved forward. Another team is on the cusp of trying to bring out the best in Beckham while…

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Scott Borras on Marcus Simin and Corey Seeger on the Yankees

Marcus Semien; Scott Boras and Corey Seager

CARLSBUDD, CA — Scott Borras plans to meet the Yankees Wednesday afternoon, here at the general managers meetings. Before that could happen, the most famous baseball agent had some of his sales pitch materials tested on the media. Although the intuition is that he wouldn’t lean on a high percentage of a father’s joke for the Yankees themselves. In his annual “The Case of Boras” address, Boras, who accounts for two of the five short-stops – Cory Seeger and Marcus Simin – in the free-agent category, spoke how either of…

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