Elon Musk promises a “custom robot” with a futuristic look from Tesla

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CEO Elon Musk said Thursday that electric car maker Tesla will make a “customized” self-driving taxi that “looks futuristic,” without specifying a time frame. The 50-year-old billionaire, who wore a black cowboy hat and sunglasses, made the comments at the opening of Tesla’s $1.1 billion plant in Texas, where its new headquarters is located. “Broad scale. Fully autonomous driving. There will be dedicated robotics,” Musk told a large crowd at the factory. Musk has missed his goals several times with full autonomy. In 2019, he said that robotic taxis without…

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Self-driving ‘robots’ ready to go in Amsterdam’s canals

AMSTERDAM – Visitors to Amsterdam may soon discover a self-driving watercraft the size of a small car navigating silently through its ancient canals, ferrying passengers or hauling goods or trash. The electric-powered “Roboat”, a more attractive name than the “autonomous floating vehicle” for a project due to begin soon, will be trial flights aimed at improving transportation options in the crowded city. “We have a lot of road traffic and congestion, e-commerce, and logistics crowding small city streets,” said Stefan van Dijk, director of innovation at the Amsterdam Institute for…

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