How to block Putin’s long-term plan and other comments

From right: Vlad’s plan – and how to stop him For all his caution, Vladimir Putin is somewhat predictable. Victor Davis Hanson argues for American Greatness. his goal? In order to “restore the prestige and power of the former Soviet Union.” How does this work? First, Putin moves toward neighboring former Soviet republics when the world oil price is high, and his coffers are full. So he went to Georgia in 2008 and then to eastern Ukraine and Crimea in 2014. “Second, when we appear weak and eager to appease,…

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Not (yet) “worse than Watergate” and other comments

Scandal palpitations: Not (yet) worse than Watergate What does “worse than watergate” mean? asks Andrew C. McCarthy in The Hill, on ex-prez description of Special Counsel John Durham’s findings. If the Obama administration “assigned the FBI and CIA to assist the 2016 Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, by framing the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, as a Kremlin spy” and if “senior government officials” have dishonestly promoted “Trump’s complicity.” With Russia’s account, “we may have something worse than Watergate.” However, “the real-life scandal, which arose from the astonishing revelations in the court…

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States check out the mask and other comments

Libertarian: Check out the mask’s authorizations President Biden “has no clear idea of ​​when” he will reject mandates forever, Huffs Jacob Salloum in Reason. Now is the time: “Americans, including those particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, have the tools to protect themselves regardless of whether everyone is required to wear a mask.” Child safety is a “red halo”: “Children are unlikely to experience life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19 even if they are not vaccinated.” Thanks to “effective vaccines, treatments and high-quality masks,” the case for protecting only the vulnerable, without broad mandates,…

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Issues with Kyle Rittenhouse’s coverage and other comments

Iconoclasm: The Collapse of Media Narratives Some errors are normal, but “when news sources keep getting things wrong, and all the errors lie in exactly the same direction, and they’re reluctant to admit it, we have a problem,” Andrew Sullivan warns of Substack. Agenda-driven reports of the Kenosha shooting “virtually ruled out the possibility of that happening.” [Kyle] Rittenhouse was a naive and dangerous idiot. . . who, in the end, shot the assailants in self-defense, “even the testimony he did was ‘a shocker.’ Add to the meltdown of Steele’s…

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Time to reveal the mask and other comments

Time to unmask and other commentary

Middle: Time to unmask “It’s time to consider making masks optional in most settings.” Fay Flam argues Bloomberg. Mask mandates used to make sense “when few are available,” but today we have “higher potency vaccines, better testing and now powerful antiviral drugs.” States impose “real costs that public health authorities were loath to acknowledge”. Masks “suffocate human communication and interaction . . . contribute to an epidemic of isolation, loneliness and poor mental health” and increase “resistance to returning to work.” The non-handle should remain masked, “but it’s time to…

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Rachel Maddow’s Low Comments and Other Comments

Rachel Maddow’s new low and other commentary

From left: Mado’s new bottom Indictment “Igor Danchenko, known as the primary source for . . . “The now infamous Steele file” TK news thunder ‘died good, “It is immediately devastating to the reputation of the many famous news personalities who outstripped Steele’s story.” However, “MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s response was something beyond that.” Not content with flogging the file for years, Maddow “specifically exaggerated its credibility based on how it was compiled, and by whom.” We now know that the main claims, such as that Moscow has “always trained” Donald…

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Betrayed parents elected Youngkin and other comments

Libertarian: Bereaved parents elect Youngkin While Terry McAuliffe’s loss to Glenn Youngkin “consolidated very late in election night, practically the day he lost” the race was on September 28, when Youngkin said, “I don’t think parents should tell schools what to do.” Know,” Reason’s Robby Soave argues. “This was his response to questions about the school curriculum and the anger that prevailed at many of the local school board meetings” about critical race theory. But the other piece of the puzzle, no doubt, has been the utter failure of public…

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Hypocritical Facebook critics and other comments

Facebook’s hypocritical critics and other commentary

From left: Facebook’s hypocritical critics In an age of artificial mania, we are seldom seen as managing a crisis as openly as the Facebook Papers. TK News ‘Matt Taibbi . snores. Frances Hogan, the former CEO of Facebook, synthesizes cycles of outrage through episodes in more than 17 news outlets. . . who have been granted access to the clips in the document cache. Those outlets were “almost unanimous in tone — tsk-tsk, moral outrage, couched as part of a sweeping mass call for punishment — more than extraordinarily absurd.”…

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