Eileen, the paralyzed duck, is spreading on social media

With her new set of wheels, this burgeoning social media influencer is as happy as a duck. While Eileen – Chocolate duck runner – She was hatching from her egg, and she had a stroke that paralyzed her legs. While her former family was unable to take care of her, Eileen was eventually adopted at just three weeks old by Holy Mead, a Pennsylvania native who rescued 68 other birds. “As soon as I saw her I fell in love instantly,” Mead, 51, told Jam Press. “I have other disabled…

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Danish police ask for help on what appears to be a runaway kangaroo

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Police in southeastern Denmark on Monday appealed for public help to track what appears to be a kangaroo that has been photographed jumping across a field. Police said on Facebook that the driver saw the marsupial “moving around” near Oster Olslev, a village 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the port city of Rodehaven where ferries connect to northern Germany. They said the driver, whom they did not know, had a mind to photograph the animal, though they acknowledged that the three-second video clip was “short and grainy.”…

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The Pennsylvania Animal Shelter identifies the mysterious animal as a wolf

Every puzzle has an answer. Wildlife Hospital of Pennsylvania About the results of the DNA test for Unusual looking animal It has been cured. While the animal was brought in for treatment in January, it has escaped from the facility and has not yet been moved. Wildlife Works in Mount Pleasant has posted an update to the story on its Facebook page. According to the publication, he just received the results of a DNA test and confirmed that the animal was 100% a wolf. This means that a sick animal…

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Miami puppy rescued after falling off a ledge on the beach

A Miami dog has been rescued after falling off a ledge into the water while playing with his owner in the park. A video released by the Miami Beach Fire Department shows a lifeguard climbing a ladder, picking up the dog from the water, and placing it on his shoulder. He proceeded to climb the ladder to land before handing it over to another savior to return to its owner. Excuse me! We were unable to access this tweet. It’s not the first time a dog has been rescued after…

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New study explains why whales don’t suffocate

A humpback whale

To catch prey, humpback, minke, and other whales use a tactic called rush feeding. They are accelerating – their mouths open to nearly 90 degrees – and they swallow a volume of water large enough to fill their entire body. “This is crazy. Imagine putting a whole human inside your mouth,” said Kelsey Gill, a zoologist who studies whale physiology at the University of British Columbia. When the water flows into the whale’s mouth, its throat sac expands, making the whale look like a swollen tadpole. After about a minute,…

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Big Discovery Under Antarctic Seas: Giant Ice Fish Breeding Colony

A thousand feet below the surface of the Weddell Sea off Antarctica, a breeding colony of icefish, 60 million active nests across 92 square miles, has been observed during a series of deep dives. (PS118, AWI OFOBS Team via The New York Times)

Once the remote-operated camera glimpsed the bottom of the Weddell Sea, more than 1,000 feet below the roof’s ice cap, Lilian Boehringer, a student researcher at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany, watched the ice fish’s nests. Sand craters scattered to the sea floor, each the size of a collar and collar and less than a foot long. Each crater has solid ice fish, dark pectoral fins spread like bat wings over a cluster of eggs. The aptly named ice fish thrives in waters above freezing with just a few…

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Prehistoric rainforest fossils hidden in the rusty rocks of Australia

A fossilized wasp,

Tableland Central Australia, hundreds of miles northwest of Sydney, is today dominated by tall grasses and trees. But scientists recently discovered that some of the rusty rocks in the area hide traces of the lush rainforest that covered the area 15 million years ago during the Miocene epoch. The area, McGraths Flat, is not the only Miocene deposit in Australia, but these new fossils are a boon of fossils due to their remarkable preservation. Over the past three years, paleontologists have excavated flowers, insects, and even a bird’s downy feathers.…

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A naturalist has found the skeleton of an ichthyosaur, the largest in UK history

Ichthyosaur fossil

At the bottom of a lake in a nature reserve in England, it has been a secret that has lurked for thousands of years, hidden in mud, water and ice. The fossilized remains were only recently found, a throwback to a time when the dinosaurs ruled the earth, and giant marine reptiles, colloquially referred to as “sea dragons,” were invading the oceans. This wasn’t just an ancient find: The remains of the marine creature, the ichthyosaur, were the largest ever of this kind in Britain, participants in a now-completed excavation…

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Ghost wolves on Galveston Island

A canid skull

From afar, the rivers on Galveston Island, Texas, look like wolves, roaming around the shore at night, eyes glimmering in the dark. But look closely and anomalies appear. The bodies of the animals look somewhat disproportionate, with very long legs, unusually broad heads and sharply pointed noses. Then there is their fur, which is conspicuously red, with white spots on their muzzles. Galveston Island dogs aren’t a traditional wolf — at least, not quite. It carries a ghostly genetic legacy: DNA from red wolves, which were declared extinct in the…

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2022 is full of first steps towards the moon

NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System

Robotic missions to Mars and advances in space tourism have dominated space activities for 2021. But this year, the moon is likely to emerge, as companies and governments launch several spacecraft bound for the moon. Most of these missions revolve around Artemis, NASA’s multibillion-dollar effort to return astronauts to the Moon later this decade and perform routine science missions on its surface in preparation for farther journeys to Mars (a more ambitious endeavor that likely won’t happen in this decade). But before astronauts can launch the moon, a series of…

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