SpaceX rocket hits the moon 7 years after launch

A SpaceX Falcon 9,

SpaceX will reach the moon a little more than a month from now, much earlier than expected. But this is all by accident, and it will cause a little chaos. NASA has chosen SpaceX, the rocket company started by Elon Musk, to provide the spacecraft that will return its astronauts to the moon’s surface. This is still years away Instead, it’s the upper stage of SpaceX’s seven-year-old rocket, weighing 4 tons, that smashes into the moon on March 4, based on recent observations and calculations by amateur astronomers. The impact…

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2022 is full of first steps towards the moon

NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System

Robotic missions to Mars and advances in space tourism have dominated space activities for 2021. But this year, the moon is likely to emerge, as companies and governments launch several spacecraft bound for the moon. Most of these missions revolve around Artemis, NASA’s multibillion-dollar effort to return astronauts to the Moon later this decade and perform routine science missions on its surface in preparation for farther journeys to Mars (a more ambitious endeavor that likely won’t happen in this decade). But before astronauts can launch the moon, a series of…

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New York City construction manager calls for ‘BQE demolition’

A senior representative of New York builders and developers told a group of Brooklyn business leaders Wednesday that the city and state should use money from the federal infrastructure bill to “demolition” the Brooklyn-Queens highway. It’s the most ridiculous, it’s disgusting. It’s dangerous, it’s polluted, it’s rust. Let’s all shout, ‘Rip the BQE!’ Carlo Scisora, the speaker of Congress in the New York building, said during a breakfast session hosted by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Scisora, the former executive director of the Brooklyn Chamber, said he hopes the 3rd…

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Uber is exploring sending yellow taxis

After all but killing the taxi business in New York City, Uber is now exploring the possibility of sending yellow taxis, according to documents reviewed by The Post. An Uber executive has lobbied taxi and limousine committee chair Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk over the idea’s ‘potential’, according to September Uncover the stress of the city. The CEO, Josh Gold, is an ally of Mayor de Blasio and a former lobbyist for the well-connected Hotel Trade Board. No details of his discussion with Jarmoszuk were provided in the file. Gold, Uber’s director…

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Uber and Lyft riders drop 15% in NYC, taxi rides soar

Uber and Lyft rides in New York City are down 15 percent over the past few months — while yellow taxi fares are up 5 percent, reversing a long-running trend. New Yorkers took an average of 498,641 daily Uber/Lyft rides in June, but by September that number had dropped to 432,581, Commission on Taxi and Limousine data shows. Meanwhile, yellow taxi trips increased from 94,130 per day in June to 98,724 during the same months. New Yorkers once made about half a million taxi rides per day — until 2014,…

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Self-driving ‘robots’ ready to go in Amsterdam’s canals

AMSTERDAM – Visitors to Amsterdam may soon discover a self-driving watercraft the size of a small car navigating silently through its ancient canals, ferrying passengers or hauling goods or trash. The electric-powered “Roboat”, a more attractive name than the “autonomous floating vehicle” for a project due to begin soon, will be trial flights aimed at improving transportation options in the crowded city. “We have a lot of road traffic and congestion, e-commerce, and logistics crowding small city streets,” said Stefan van Dijk, director of innovation at the Amsterdam Institute for…

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