Long Island officials call for Russian complex to be closed

Russians, pack your bags! Nassau County Executive Bruce Blackman and Representative Lee Zelden called on President Biden on Saturday to expel Russia from the Killinworth complex in Glen Cove that he has owned for seven decades. “President Biden, he kicked these Russians out of Nassau County,” said Blackman, whose grandparents immigrated from Odessa in Ukraine. “We don’t need them here, and let’s get this property back on the tax rolls, so the people of Nassau County and Glen Cove don’t have to fund thugs, dictators, and people who invade innocent…

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Wildfires are getting worse globally and governments aren’t prepared

Billings, Mont. Global warming and changes in land-use patterns mean that more wildfires will ignite large parts of the world in the coming decades, causing high rates of unhealthy smog and other problems that governments are not prepared to confront, according to a United Nations report. Wednesday. The Western United States. , North SiberiaCentral India and eastern australia We are already seeing more fires, and the probability of a catastrophic wildfire outbreak globally could increase by a third by 2050 and more than 50% by the end of the century,…

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World leaders condemn Putin’s moves, China urges restraint

European and other world leaders widely denounced decisions made by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday that escalated the crisis in Ukraine – and China urged that “all parties involved should exercise restraint”. “This is a clear violation of international law,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said of Putin’s move to recognize the independence of two pro-Moscow separatist regions of Ukraine – the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic. “It is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine,” Johnson said. French President Emmanuel Macron, who…

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A breakdown of what is going on in Vladimir Putin’s head

William Haig He is the former Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth Affairs and Development of the United Kingdom. He wrote in The Times of London: Since I wrote about my meetings with Vladimir Putin, many people have asked me for reassurance of what he will do: that surely, that he is rational, and that he understands the cost – in the life of Russia and severe sanctions – to start a war. Yes, it is rational. But here’s what he might think: No one should be surprised. I wrote…

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Mangrove fishermen in Malaysia stumble upon nature funding hurdle


Retired fisherman Elias Shafi walks through a swamp and a small group of villagers grow mangrove seedlings on Malaysia’s west coast, one tree at a time. They have planted about 400,000 mangrove trees since the restoration initiative began two decades ago, in what was initially an effort to increase the hunting of local fishermen. Now their work has taken on added importance as concern about global warming and nature loss grows, with mangroves a key weapon in the fight against climate change. But rising international interest has yet to help…

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Harnessing an unusual type of natural energy: the dancers’ body heat


In the pre-vaccine days of the pandemic, as lockdowns continued, poems of joy lost on the dance floor became an idea in the media. Memories of sweaty nights in crowded clubs have captured much of what COVID-19 has taken from us: community, freedom, and gloriously chaotic physical closeness. As restrictions began to wear off, crowded ballrooms became a symbol of recovery around the world. At SWG3 – the arts center in Glasgow, Scotland, which hosts some of the city’s biggest ballroom dancing – tickets for club nights are selling out…

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UN agency confirms global warming of 38 degrees Celsius in the Arctic


A UN agency confirmed Tuesday that a record Arctic temperature of more than 100 Fahrenheit, or 38 Celsius, was reached in a Siberian town last year during a prolonged heat wave that caused widespread concern about the severity of global warming. The city of Verkhoyansk, where the record temperature was recorded on June 20, 2020, is located 115 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle – an area where temperatures are warming more than twice the global average. The WMO has recognized that the temperature of 38°C (100.4°F) in Verkhoyansk (Russia)…

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‘Many dimensions’: Drought study underscores the complexity of climate

An aerial view shows dead palm trees on the beach near the Salton Sea

Successive years of poor rainfall in the Indian Ocean nation of Madagascar have destroyed crops and caused hundreds of thousands of people to face uncertainty about their next meal. Aid groups say the situation there is close to a humanitarian catastrophe. A team of climate scientists said Wednesday that human-caused climate change does not appear to be the driving cause. The researchers said that precipitation in highly susceptible southern Madagascar naturally fluctuates greatly, and they did not find that warming climates make longer droughts more likely. However, they emphasized that…

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Nations reach climate agreement at COP26

Diplomats from nearly 200 countries sealed a deal on Saturday aimed at boosting efforts to combat climate change, but only after a last-minute attempt by India and China to weaken efforts to curb coal emissions. The final day of talks at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, angered some negotiators who argued the agreement was not strong enough to prevent global warming – but it was better than nothing. However, some countries, including small island states, said they were very disappointed by revisions made by India and China –…

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World hunger can’t be solved with $6 billion

In late October, David Beasley, the Director of the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) urged billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk to “step up now, on a one-time basis” to address hunger globally. “Six billion [dollars] to help 42 million people that are literally going to die if we don’t reach them. It’s not complicated.”  But would you be surprised to learn that saving those 42 million lives is, in fact, complicated?   Part of the problem is how the money is spent. Musk tweeted back, “If WFP can describe…

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